Introduction of steel fixer services

Professional steel fixers fit steel bars and mesh structures to reinforce concrete in construction projects. At IOS Construction, we have a team of experienced steel fixers who have the skills and knowledge required for a successful steel fixing process. Our professionals read the construction plans and determine which material will best suit the great construction outcome. Our steel fixers shape and cut steel bars and weld, clip, or wire structural steel materials into the place. Aside from that, they also perform the tasks like fabrication on other reinforcing structures like footing pads, beans, or any other special unit. We work all around Dublin on small and large construction projects, from constructing a new building to erecting hospitals. School or any other large building in the suburb or urban areas.

Knowledge, skills, and attributes of our professionals

  • Physical stamina, strength, and fitness
  • Practical and manual skills required for the accomplishment of the task
  • Potential to follow instructions
  • Trained for working at height
  • Able to work as part of the team
  • Conscious about the safety norms for the job

What makes steel fixing services at IOS Construction different?

Steel fixers use different tools, including bolt cutters, industrial wire, power saws, and guillotines. Our steel fixers are aware of the functionality of every device. Therefore you don’t need to worry; besides, if you want to pursue steel fixing work in your construction plan, please contact us for support.