Introduction of home extension service at IOS Construction

House extension is the major responsibility; however, it is worth investing in because by taking this minor step, you can increase the space to live and enhance the value of the property. At IOS Construction, we have highly reliable and skilled builders who can deliver the first-class extension to your existing house to make it better, bigger, and more spacious. With the focus on punctuality, efficiency, our professionals work to the highest possible standards while following the schedule to match your house extension to your timeline and vision.

We offer house extension services that include:-

  • Extension with the help of glass
  • Extension of a single storey
  • Extension of Double storey
  • Extension of the side return
  • Extension of over structure

Why should you choose IOS Construction?

The house extension process may seem to be stressful, confusing, and overwhelming. But you don’t need to worry as IOS Construction is here for your help. From the first contact, we will strive to offer our best to take all your worries away. Besides, our professionals will always provide you informative and clear answers to your questions about your extensions. This applies to the potential cost of this process too, when it is about the Construction of the new structure to increase the size of the property, or it is about the amazing new open plan of living in the open space like more bedroom space, bathroom upstairs or willing to convert a loft into an extra bedroom for your growing family. We are here for the service.