Introduction of concrete shuttering services

Concrete shuttering or formwork is used in Construction for molding a structure in the frame in which fresh concrete is poured for drying subsequently. However, selecting the best type of concrete shuttering depends on the material and type of element used in the structure. At IOS Construction, we specialize in offering a comprehensive range of high-end reinforced and formwork services. Our work includes the construction of reinforced concrete frame structures for hotels, apartments, office blocks, hospitals, etc.

Main attributes of our services

  • Concrete shutters that our professionals install are strong enough to withstand all types of live and dead loads.
  • Efficiently and rigidly constructed, braced, and propped both vertically and horizontally to remain in shape.
  • Joints of shuttering are kept tight to avoid situations like cement grout leakage.
  • The removal of shuttering is carried in the desired sequence to avoid unnecessary damage to concrete.

Why choose IOS Construction for concrete shuttering services?

We have enjoyed a great reputation for excellent work in the field of Construction. Therefore at IOS Construction, we pride ourselves on our potential to deliver our best service to accomplish assigned jobs and budget. Apart from that, we endeavor to offer the best possible solution for our customers. We are highly committed to providing quality output; therefore, trust our work; we have a proven track record of successful construction projects, so feel free to hire us for concrete shuttering services in Dublin.